In 2006, while working for a large construction manager in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Honor Construction’s founder, Brad Laackman, supervised the building of one of Michigan’s very first large craft breweries. He found himself very quickly falling in love with the complex engineering required to build first-class breweries.



Honor Construction has had the opportunity to work on several local restaurant projects, many of which were on tight budgets and timelines. Our SWAT team-style of construction management made us an ideal partner, thanks to our ability and agility. Honor Construction understands the importance of completing a building project on time and on budget - so you can get on to business as usual.  


Large industrial space is in demand and calls for construction management that understands every ramifications involved in renovating an old building. Our team understands the evolution of construction materials and practices - and works accordingly. Cleaning and abatement is just the beginning because we know that health and safety is your best long-term investment.


Since 2009, we approach each one of our projects with a SWAT team mentality. Our diverse talents and committed team allow us to provide the best services when it comes to our client’s construction needs. Regardless it it’s a large commercial project or a small boutique apartment complex, the team at Honor has the experience and the knowledge to tackle any project. Our speed and agility delivers our clients a high-quality product, while keeping your investments top-of-mind.


Our mission is to build with honor and integrity; simplifying the construction process. We value our relationships with our clients, partners and team members – and recognize that this is the key to

everyone's success.


Good technology, natural light, and the right acoustics play an integral role in workplace productivity. Our team’s resume is packed with experience when it comes to office redesigns, office renovations, and office builds. Whether it’s our office or yours, it’s okay for your workplace to be just as comfortable as your home - and we’d like to help make it so.

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